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The decision to host our environment and more importantly to host with you has been one of the best decisions we have made on this journey. Your responsiveness, professionalism, and technical expertise have been unmatched ... You have exceeded all our expectations and met all the challenges we threw your way.

Todd Prellberg, Director of Information Services, RML Health Providers

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Tegria advisors come from every corner of healthcare, with industry-leading experience installing EHRs and customizing provider workflows. We’re experts in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, custom revenue-stream strategies, data analytics and improving the patient experience.

We could say more. Yet beneath those credentials, we are also people: strategists, technologists, providers and scientists who believe, as you do, in restoring the integrity and humanity to healthcare.

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Putting humans at the center of care delivery is how we’re helping organizations humanize healthcare. How can we help you improve care experiences?