Accelerate Digital Transformation

  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Hosting
  • Patient Access and Experience
  • Provider- and Payer-Focused Systems
  • End-to-End Support

The digital marketplace is advancing quickly, and healthcare organizations can’t afford to fall behind. As your partner and strategic adviser, we help you stay on top of the digital curve.

Fast-Track Your Digital Future

Forward-thinking organizations are embracing technology-led innovation to transform healthcare, improving care delivery and financial performance. New tools within and outside of the EHR can enrich patient engagement, streamline your revenue cycle, and leverage data to generate positive outcomes. But capitalizing on that potential can seem out of reach. Informed by extensive experience, intel, and insight, we specialize in helping you crystalize your objectives, define your strategies, and pinpoint precise tactics to accelerate a successful digital transformation.

Provider Enterprise Systems + Services

We enable providers to reap the benefits of digitization through strategic planning, implementation services, and application support. Our end-to-end IT solutions help to maximize the value and performance of technology tools and systems, enabling providers to focus on providing exceptional care.

Infrastructure + Cloud

Tegria can help make the jump to the cloud feel more like a simple step forward. Our market-leading Infrastructure + Cloud team designs and builds efficient, resilient cloud architecture, aligning cloud strategies with business goals while fueling innovation, efficiency, and uninterrupted care.

Revenue Cycle + Experience

Our strategic focus is on maximizing ROI and patient engagement by efficiently bridging the gap between IT and operations. We are uniquely prepared to deliver end-to-end solutions, prioritizing expanded access, revenue integrity, efficient billing, and complete collections.

Data + Analytics

We partner with organizations to leverage the power of data to inform strategy, eligibility, and both clinical and financial decision-making, transforming insights into excellence and value. Together, we’ll put your data to work, so you can elevate outcomes while maximizing revenue.

Tegria knows where the industry is going, and they have a really good handle on the future. There was not a single point in time where we messed something up or ended up waiting on a development. The firm helped us set up an automated process for one of our data exports from the system to a third party. They did a good job of making processes easier for us. I cannot say enough good things about Tegria.

CIOOctober 2022, Application Hosting,

Turn Challenges Into Wins

We specialize in transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth. Our fresh insights and advanced solutions maximize technology, transform operations, improve financials, and optimize care. No matter the obstacle, Tegria is here with the tools, experience, and expertise to get you over it, around it, or through it.

Reduced 68 hours of EHR training curriculum to 12 hours

A new EHR training and support model increased training efficiencies by 82%.

$13.6 million cash acceleration

Transition to single billing office accelerated cash and increased guest pay by 250%.

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