Enhance Patient Experiences

  • Patient Access
  • Provider Experience
  • Innovation and Adoption
  • Application Support
  • Care Delivery Modernization

Patients expect the same level of convenience and service in healthcare that has become commonplace in other areas of life. We can help you exceed those expectations, and create a competitive advantage, by implementing and maintaining systems and services that deliver.

A 360° Approach to Improving Experiences

The rapid evolution of healthcare technology enables better patient safety, care, and experiences. We not only provide support for patient-facing tools, but also consider and address their impact, such as the need for systems to accommodate expanded capacity and ways to minimize the burden on providers.

Revenue Cycle + Experience

Our strategic focus is on maximizing ROI and patient engagement by efficiently bridging the gap between IT and operations. We are uniquely prepared to deliver end-to-end solutions, prioritizing expanded access, revenue integrity, efficient billing, and complete collections.

Care Operations

Our holistic approach to modernizing care operations integrates the needs of clinicians and patients with operations and IT. We identify roadblocks and develop comprehensive end-to-end solutions to overcome them, streamlining effective care operations, reenergizing providers, and empowering patients.

Provider Enterprise Systems + Services

We enable providers to reap the benefits of digitization through strategic planning, implementation services, and application support. Our end-to-end IT solutions help to maximize the value and performance of technology tools and systems, enabling providers to focus on providing exceptional care.

The Tegria assessment was a major win for Lee Health. We are now focused on the four key opportunities they identified and can trust our templates and metrics to move the needle.

RICH CAMERONManager for Corporate Systems, Lee Health

Turn Challenges Into Wins

We specialize in transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth. Our fresh insights and advanced solutions maximize technology, transform operations, improve financials, and optimize care. No matter the obstacle, Tegria is here with the tools, experience, and expertise to get you over it, around it, or through it.

Unlocked 2,495 physician appointments and $449,100 in revenue

Improving patient access and experiences.

Automation increased cost estimate efficiency by 6,000%

Advancing price transparency and patient estimate goals.

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