Streamline Operations

  • Care Modernization
  • Claims Management
  • Clinical Operations
  • Automation and ML
  • Governance and Compliance

A smoothly running healthcare organization matches capacity to demand, enables providers to focus on patient care, and aligns operations with IT. We help businesses simplify workflows, streamline systems, and unlock efficiencies to realize that potential.

Strategies To Keep It Simple

Through our range of solutions, we help clients streamline operations to become more effective, efficient, and profitable. From building an environment that allows providers to focus on patients without the added stress of complex workflows, to demonstrating ROI on IT investments for more precise financial planning and investment strategies, we help reduce operational burdens to support sustainable success.

Care Operations

Our holistic approach to modernizing care operations integrates the needs of clinicians and patients with operations and IT. We identify roadblocks and develop comprehensive end-to-end solutions to overcome them, streamlining effective care operations, reenergizing providers, and empowering patients.

Data + Analytics

We partner with organizations to leverage the power of data to inform strategy, eligibility, and both clinical and financial decision-making, transforming insights into excellence and value. Together, we’ll put your data to work, so you can elevate outcomes while maximizing revenue.

Revenue Cycle + Experience

Our strategic focus is on maximizing ROI and patient engagement by efficiently bridging the gap between IT and operations. We are uniquely prepared to deliver end-to-end solutions, prioritizing expanded access, revenue integrity, efficient billing, and complete collections.

Infrastructure + Cloud

Tegria can help make the jump to the cloud feel more like a simple step forward. Our market-leading Infrastructure + Cloud team designs and builds efficient, resilient cloud architecture, aligning cloud strategies with business goals while fueling innovation, efficiency, and uninterrupted care.

Payer Enterprise Systems + Services

We offer strategic guidance and comprehensive, customized solutions that support the unique needs of payers—enhancing provider relationships, boosting member satisfaction, improving financial performance, and ensuring compliance—turning your technology investments into a substantial competitive advantage while helping you achieve your goals.

Tegria is helping us identify obstacles in our workflow that don’t align with best practices. The critical thinking and the act of fixing broken processes before we automate them in the call center environment is huge value added. We will be better off on a lot of fronts having gone through this transformational process.

MICHAEL CONDRINChief Operating Officer, Ambulatory Care, UC Davis Health

Turn Challenges Into Wins

We specialize in transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth. Our fresh insights and advanced solutions maximize technology, transform operations, improve financials, and optimize care. No matter the obstacle, Tegria is here with the tools, experience, and expertise to get you over it, around it, or through it.

$1.06 million captured through correct records routing

Optimizing after go-live increases efficiency and reduces denials.

$29 million in annual net revenue opportunity

Assessment reveals opportunities to accelerate cash and increase productivity.

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