Maximize Technology Investments

We help make sense of the vast, complex technology environment to ensure you are supported, up-to-date, and maximizing your investment in a rapidly evolving landscape.

  • Integrated Cloud Services
  • Interoperability
  • System Selection
  • Integration and Optimization
  • Application Rationalization

Elevate Your Tech Stack

We provide comprehensive advisory, implementation, and optimization services to maximize your technology investments. Whether you need support around new technologies, from cloud migration and patient engagement technologies, to application rationalization or system selection, we ensure that your digital strategy delivers results.

Payer Enterprise Systems + Services

We offer strategic guidance and comprehensive, customized solutions that support the unique needs of payers—enhancing provider relationships, boosting member satisfaction, improving financial performance, and ensuring compliance—turning technology investments into a substantial competitive advantage while helping you achieve your goals.

Provider Enterprise Systems + Services

We enable providers to reap the benefits of digitization through strategic planning, implementation services, and application support. Our end-to-end IT solutions help to maximize the value and performance of technology tools and systems, enabling providers to focus on providing exceptional care.

Infrastructure + Cloud

Tegria can help make the jump to the cloud feel more like a simple step forward. Our market-leading Infrastructure + Cloud team designs and builds efficient, resilient cloud architecture, aligning cloud strategies with business goals while fueling innovation, efficiency, and uninterrupted care.

Revenue Cycle + Experience

Our strategic focus is on maximizing ROI and patient engagement by efficiently bridging the gap between IT and operations. We are uniquely prepared to deliver end-to-end solutions, prioritizing expanded access, revenue integrity, efficient billing, and complete collections.

We chose Tegria to continue providing managed services after our implementation because they know our business strategies, our business goals, and our business practices. When we need something done, we know Tegria can get it done for us quickly.

BRIAN HEERSINKIT Director, San Luis Valley Health

Turn Challenges Into Wins

We specialize in transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth. Our fresh insights and advanced solutions maximize technology, transform operations, improve financials, and optimize care. No matter the obstacle, Tegria is here with the tools, experience, and expertise to get you over it, around it, or through it.

388.5 hours saved per week (20,200 hours per year)

Refining processes and tools to save significant time on claims statusing.

Higher reimbursement rates, shorter wait times, and improved provider experience

Integrated end-to-end MEDITECH implementation, hosting, and application support.

Are you ready to maximize your technology investments?

We’re ready to help.

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