Specialty Sprints Support & Services

Quickly implement optimization requests, releases, and best practices.

Let’s improve efficiency and provider and care team satisfaction  

Specialty Sprints are designed to increase optimization and user satisfaction in a streamlined, efficient timeframe. We’ll host EHR “pain point” meetings with key clinical stakeholders to identify top issues, set goals, prioritize needs, and implement solutions.

How it Works 

Start with a Holistic Needs Assessment 

  • Conduct listening sessions with key operational and specialty stakeholders to understand pain points and areas of focus  
  • Perform onsite and remote job shadowing  
  • Compile an integrated list of issues, recommendations, and review with stakeholders  

Move to Workflow Enhancements and Issue Resolution 

  • Review and prioritize existing ticket logs to incorporate outstanding requests into the sprint scope  
  • Identify the root cause of the issues and address potential solutions across multiple teams (when applicable) to avoid working in silos 

Project Deliverables 

  • Specialty or sprint specific prioritized issues list  
  • Recurring project status updates  
  • Sprint debriefs and documentation 
  • Develop a sprint wrap-up presentation highlighting accomplishments and impacts 
  • Document a Change Archive summarizing any system changes during the sprint timeline 

We implement: 

We work with: 

  • All Epic Applications  

Our team members hold many Epic and non-Epic Certifications such as: 

  • Non-Epic Certifications and licenses: PMP, RN, MD 
  • Our Epic Certifications include:
    • EpicCare Ambulatory 
    • EpicCare Inpatient Clinical Documentation 
    • EpicCare Inpatient Orders 
    • Cadence 
    • ADT/Prelude 
    • MyChart 
    • HOD 
    • Resolute Professional Billing 
    • Resolute Hospital Billing   


Are you ready to tackle your specialty sprints?