Ready, Set, Go Live: Your Expanse Success Plan

How to plan and execute a smooth, successful move to Expanse.

Before moving to Expanse, you need to assess readiness from a fiscal, governance, and project management standpoint. These are things you might not think about when you’re focused on EHR software and hardware.

JEFF WEBBERManaging Director, Enterprise Systems, Tegria

Congratulations—you’ve chosen MEDITECH Expanse, an intuitive, next-generation EHR platform that can improve outcomes across your entire organization.  

Whether you select a READY Implementation or MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), now is the time to plan for a smooth implementation by addressing the factors most critical to your success.  

critical success factors for MEDITECH Expanse

Why Do You Need an Expanse Success Plan?   

Upgrades are challenging. A successful go-live requires executive buy-in, organizational alignment, and open, transparent internal communications. Our comprehensive Expanse Success Plan assessment will help you identify and prioritize opportunities during the approval, budgeting, and preplanning phases of your Expanse migration.  

First, we work together to help you answer the important questions: 

  • What is your project budget?  
  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO)?   
  • Have you defined the project scope and requirements?   
  • What is your governance model?   
  • How can you avoid potential challenges?  
  • What resources do you have or will you need?  
  • How will you address gaps in your internal resources? 
  • Do you have the right partnerships in place? 
  • Have you achieved executive and board-level project approval?   

To create your ESP, Tegria’s team of MEDITECH Expanse-experienced resources use the ESP methodology to provide a comprehensive strategic plan for your implementation. We dig deep, listening to your unique challenges and drawing on our healthcare roots to create a customized plan that’s right for your precise situation.  

What Does an Expanse Success Plan Include?

The Expanse Success Plan assessment spans six weeks and is designed to provide you with a full understanding of the costs and efforts associated with successfully implementing MEDITECH Expanse. We provide expert guidance for navigating major decision points, to help you reduce the risks associated with a major system change.

  • Draft project charter that outlines objectives and scope
  • Develop plans for communications, governance, risk management, staffing and resource management, and change management 
  • Identify performance metrics and key outcomes 
  • Analyze current state to drive future state design 
  • Interview staff and vendors about current workflows and future needs 
  • Create spreadsheets detailing hardware and device inventory, interfaces, and third-party vendors  
  • List reports needed in the future state 
  • Use information gathered earlier to solidify implementation plans  
  • Define timelines and key dates  
  • Map out all phases of the project, including initial build, integrated testing, parallel testing, training, and go-live
  • Finalize dates for integrated testing and parallel testing 
  • Recommend workflow changes to ensure future state matches current state  
  • Finalize training plans, including any vendors to be used 
  • Ensure all existing contracts are reflected in plans  
  • Develop comprehensive implementation plan with dates 
  • Finalize plans to support connectivity for interfaces  
  • Verify that all third-party vendors have been contacted 
  • Present final project charter and all related plans 
  • Confirm target outcomes and deliverables 
  • Deliver future state documents

 Ready to create your organization’s Expanse Success Plan?