Fuel Provider Productivity

Happy, engaged providers embody humanized healthcare—every day. Amplify their impact with solutions that clarify complex tasks and streamline daily work.

Hire and Keep Top Providers

Let’s attract and retain talented providers, care teams, and staff.

Exceptional care starts with exceptional providers. Our solutions optimize your EHR, improve satisfaction, and fuel productivity to create a highly sought-after organization that draws top talent.

How can we help you better serve patients and providers?

We Help With

  • New Process and Technology Adoption
  • Enhancing Organizational Decision Making
  • Clinical Training and Education Program Optimization
  • Clinical Practice Process Model Improvement
  • Appointment & Referral Optimization

Create Efficient Care Teams

Let’s work together to support smooth, seamless care delivery.

Imagine systems and tools that connect care teams and fuel productivity. From EHR optimization to change management, we help care teams master new technology and adapt processes to optimize hospital, clinic, and care management workflows, improve patient outcomes, and keep providers happy.

How can we help you discover efficiencies?

We Help With

  • Enhancing Organizational Decision Making
  • Clinician Education and Personalization
  • EHR Process Improvement for Epic, MEDITECH, Cerner, and More
  • Clinical Practice Model Process Improvement
  • Clinical Process & Technology Adoption Strategy

Increase Provider Productivity

Let’s help care teams work smarter.

Engaged, empowered providers inspire better outcomes—and work to create them. We help you integrate powerful tools and technologies that will increase patient engagement, reduce provider burden, improve collaboration, and support the shift to value-based care.

How can we help you support provider performance?

We Help With

  • EHR Process Improvement for Epic, MEDITECH, Cerner, and More
  • Virtual Care Process and Technology Integration
  • Appointment and Referral Optimization
  • Dashboard Optimization and Development
  • Clinician Help Desk & EHR Support

How can we help you engage and empower providers?

Let’s Connect

Working with the Tegria team was one of the brightest spots of the MEDITECH project. From top to bottom, they do an excellent job of keeping customer needs in mind.

Eric Carey Valley Health System VP & CIO

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