Case Study

UW Medicine Transforms Initial EHR Education With Amplifire


  • 75% reduction in training time for nurses
  • 50% reduction in training time for providers


UW Medicine faced a staffing crisis with high turnover rates that made their previous onboarding training program unsustainable. A comprehensive review led to selection of the Amplifire adaptive learning platform, which combines adaptive functionality with cognitive, science-based techniques. Tegria experts supported the Amplifire implementation by advising, curriculum mapping, mentoring, authoring content, and facilitating feedback sessions. Since the implementation, the Amplifire platform has revealed knowledge disparities, saved significant time, and generated positive learner feedback.

Read the full case study, conducted by KLAS Arch Collaborative, to learn more about how UW Medicine addressed their staffing crisis and improved onboarding efficiency.

Program Goals

  • Improve training efficiencies so clinicians can get to the floor sooner
  • Increase learner satisfaction in EHR training

Arch Collaborative-Verified Best Practices

  • Creating EHR Mastery: Onboarding EHR Education

Keys to Success

  • Choose an adaptive learning platform aligned with organizational goals and capable of catering to diverse learner needs.
  • Implement the new system in carefully planned phases, focusing on specific roles and departments to ensure efficient resource allocation.
  • Utilize learner and content analytics to identify areas of improvement, adapting training content based on insights for continual optimization.
  • Allocate resources judiciously, recognizing the importance of a dedicated project manager, principal trainers, LMS resources, and training logistics coordinators.
  • Leverage the expertise of a supportive partner like Tegria to advise on curriculum mapping and gap analysis and to facilitate feedback sessions for ongoing improvement.

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