By Anders Brown, Managing Director, Tegria

As the end of this difficult year approaches, we at Tegria are thinking of the many people who extended themselves to help others – particularly the frontline health professionals who rose to the challenge of a global pandemic, often at great cost to themselves and their families.

We are inspired by their bravery, as they worked knowing the risks of the virus and faced down their own fears to continue providing vital health services. We are grateful for their strength, as they worked long hours to care for a still-growing population of COVID-19 patients.

Their commitment exacts a devastating price. Caregivers have absorbed unexpected expenses and many are in financial need. They have weathered tremendous mental and emotional stress. Worst of all, more than 1,700 healthcare workers have died this year as a direct result of the pandemic.

This holiday season, we feel a responsibility to show our appreciation to caregivers and their families. As part of Tegria’s inaugural corporate giving campaign, we directed our contributions to three funds focused on helping caregivers in crisis.

The Frontline Families Fund provides financial support and scholarships to the families of healthcare workers who lost their lives to COVID-19. The fund focuses on communities of color, which are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Providence supervises two funds which respond to caregivers’ financial and behavioral health needs. The Helping Hands Fund provides emergency financial support to caregivers. The No One Cares Alone program offers mental and emotional health counseling and coaching. A link to donate to both is here.

Tegria’s corporate giving to caregivers builds upon much broader volunteer and financial contributions from our colleagues. Among many great examples, PRoTechos helps Puerto Rican families repair the roofs of their homes in the ongoing rebuilding effort following Hurricane Maria and other natural disasters, while also training people for careers in carpentry.   Together, hundreds of our coworkers from the nine companies that comprise Tegria served more than 100 organizations across 21 states and Puerto Rico. We’re proud to work alongside them.

This year in particular, we are thankful for the heroes among us. Along with many others, we see the opportunity to show them support. We encourage you to join us in helping the helpers.