Grow Revenue With Integrity

Clinical documentation and coding have never been more critical to your organization’s chargemaster. Our coding and CDI experts can help you optimize medical coding to improve accuracy, limit denials, and reduce clinical burden.

Optimize Coding

Let’s elevate accuracy and efficiency to improve your operations.

What if you could improve coding accuracy without sacrificing efficiency? Accurate clinical coding is essential to every revenue cycle process, and it shouldn’t slow you down. We can help you modernize your processes for more accurate, efficient operations, fewer denials, and improved revenue capture.

How can we help ensure prompt, accurate claim submission?

We Help With

  • ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS Coding
  • Experience With All Major Payers
  • Expertise in Multiple Inpatient and Outpatient Services
  • CDI Audit and Education
  • Interim Management and Leadership

Enhance Audit, Compliance, and Training

Let’s make excellence your baseline.

We keep up with evolving clinical documentation requirements, so you can focus on other priorities. With extensive experience auditing physician charts, we help you optimize clinical documentation to increase first-pass clean claims rates and refine internal processes for continuous improvement.

How can we help you clean up your claims and limit denials?

We Help With

  • CDI Audit Preparation
  • Coding Compliance Assessment and Training
  • Improved First-Pass Clean Claims
  • ICD-10 and CPT Code(s) Assessment and Audit
  • Coding Process Improvement

Grow and Manage Your Coding Team

Let’s maintain momentum with solid leadership.

Imagine consistent revenue cycle performance that stays strong during leadership gaps, management transitions, and resource reassignments. Staffing vacancies can impact your staff, care teams, and patients, but filling key roles takes time away from pressing projects and priorities. Our experienced team members can help maintain top revenue cycle performance whether you need to fill one leadership role, support a project, or supplement existing staff.

How can we help you build your dream team?

We Help With

  • Consulting and Project Staffing
  • Strategic Advising to Minimize Operational Disruption
  • Experienced CDI and Coding Leaders, Managers, and Consultants
  • Resource and Procedure Assessment and Education

How can we help you improve revenue integrity?

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Tegria’s biggest strength is their attention to detail. They don’t let anything go unaddressed; they always follow up on everything that they say they will take care of. They have well-refined and definite processes and they excel in their work.

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