Empower Patients and Elevate Care

Exceptional patient experiences start with access. Our solutions help you attract new patients, build loyalty, and improve access to care with patient-centered operations, technology, and resources.

Keep More Patients

Let’s build loyalty from the inside out.

Strong care partnerships begin before a patient’s first visit. By implementing intuitive tools and technologies, we help you inform, educate, and engage patients for straightforward scheduling, productive appointments, and streamlined care journeys.

How can we help you attract patients and build loyalty?

We Help With

  • Executive Advisory and Planning Services
  • Patient Intake and Self-Service Planning
  • Patient Engagement Strategy
  • Technology Strategy Assessment and Alignment
  • Patient Access Operations Advisory and Management

Support Efficient Care Teams

Let’s help providers exceed expectations.

Your care teams deserve platforms and applications as nimble as they are. We bring advanced scheduling and capacity management tools for system-wide care coordination. With intuitive dashboards and reporting, providers can manage patient flow to ensure that the right patient is in the right place at the right time. We help you quickly identify and correct inefficiencies to supercharge productivity and help care teams work to their full potential.

How can we increase productivity without burnout?

We Help With

  • New Process and Technology Adoption
  • Interim Executive Role Support
  • EHR Process Improvement for Epic, MEDITECH, Cerner, and More
  • Virtual Care Process and Technology Integration
  • Clinical First Call Resolution

Drive Financial Performance

Let’s discover efficiencies that create results.

Expanding your capacity for care allows you to serve more patients around the clock. We help you implement patient access technologies to boost efficiency and engagement. Advanced scheduling and patient flow tools ensure that patients and providers are in the right place at the right time for more efficient, streamlined operations 24/7/365.

How can we help you capture and keep more revenue?

We Help With

  • IT Strategy and Operational Support for M&A
  • Patient Access Operations Advisory and Management
  • Revenue Cycle Leadership Process and Tool Advisory
  • Appointment and Referral Optimization
  • Pre-Service Patient Financial Experience

Optimize Patient Access

Let’s empower patients and providers.

Can you help patients overcome challenges without straining your staff and resources? Absolutely. Throughout the care continuum, we help you boost patient access, engagement, and loyalty with expert guidance, intuitive tools, and strategic services.

How can we help you expand access to exceptional care?

We Help With

  • Executive Advisory and Planning Services
  • New Process and Technology Adoption
  • Enhancing Organizational Decision Making
  • EHR Optimization for Access
  • Patient Access Operations Advisory and Management

Streamline Pre-Service RCM Functions

Let’s simplify scheduling and patient intake.

Imagine helping patients feel completely at ease through every step of their care journey. We bring consistency to daily operations with clear communication and a proven track record to help avoid common frustrations, delays, and questions prior to registration. By establishing smooth scheduling systems, intuitive pre-registration and patient intake processes, and easy-to-understand payment options, you help patients feel better about their care.

How can we help you create better patient experiences?

We Help With

  • Centralizing Scheduling
  • Pre-Registering Patients
  • Managing Patient Access Centers
  • Pre-Service Collections
  • Process and Workflow Optimization

Gain Insight and Focus With a Patient Access Assessment.

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Tegria is helping us identify obstacles in our workflow that don’t align with best practices. We will be better off on a lot of fronts having gone through this transformational process.

Michael Condin COO Ambulatory Care, UC Davis Health

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