Improve Revenue, Relationships, and Results

Imagine maximized cash collections, streamlined efficiency, enhanced financial stability, engaged staff—and a positive financial experience for every patient. We help you accelerate performance to power exceptional care.

Reach Financial Goals

Let’s align your revenue cycle with your big picture.

Where do you want to be? And what will you do to get there? Whether you need to decrease your cost to collect, increase net revenue, or reimagine your entire revenue cycle, we start by analyzing your needs and goals. By creating and following a tactical roadmap to execute your strategy, we specialize in helping you transform your operational and financial performance.

How can we help you hit your financial targets?

We Help With

  • Operational Performance Improvement
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Revenue Cycle Leadership Process and Tool Advisory
  • RCM as a Service

Deliver Compassionate Care

Let’s build empathy into the patient experience.

Patients rely on your staff to facilitate billing and resolve barriers. Whether through innovative technology, taking a more proactive role with payers, or by designing programs that transcend traditional payment solutions, Tegria has bold plans to dramatically improve the patient experience, understand individual needs, and provide a more human approach to healthcare.

How can we help you enhance experiences and build loyalty?

We Help With

  • New Process and Technology Adoption
  • Patient Engagement Strategy
  • Patient Access Operations Advisory and Management
  • Financial Counseling as a Service
  • Patient Financial Experience Behaviors and Insights

Increase Revenue Cycle Efficiency

Let’s exceed revenue cycle expectations.

What’s holding you back? Realizing your organization’s vision and delivering smooth, seamless patient care requires a focused, strategic approach to revenue cycle operations. To help your organization anticipate and plan for future needs, we help you optimize resource allocation, risk mitigation, operational readiness, and your technology platforms to elevate financial performance and patient care while developing a model for sustainable growth.

How can we help you accelerate your revenue cycle?

We Help With

  • Patient Pre-Service Preparation as a Service
  • Referral Management as a Service
  • Revenue Integrity as a Service
  • Claims Scrubber Maintenance and Management
  • AR Insurance and Patient Self Pay Follow-Up

How can we help you improve financial results and patient experiences?

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Tegria’s biggest strength is their attention to detail. They don’t let anything go unaddressed; they always follow up on everything that they say they will take care of. They have well-refined and definite processes and they excel in their work.

Hospital CEO/President

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