Smart Metrics to Use for Improving Patient Access

We live in a world that revolves around the consumer. We crave quick, easy, and convenient experiences. We can order groceries while we wait at soccer practice, send an email from our phone, heat up lunch in the microwave, and restock our household staples online while we sit on the comfort of our couch. The same craving for convenience is true of our provider experiences too, starting with access.

Here are the first questions to ask when considering a different EHR platform. They’ll get you thinking about what’s important so you make the right call for your patients, providers, staff, and bottom line. 

How can you improve access?

It starts by understanding where your patients are, where you land, and identifying the intentional steps you are going to take to close the gap.

We’ve compiled a few best practices to help you better understand where you are on your access journey. 

Let’s start by defining some common key performance indicators. 

  • First-Contact Resolution Rate – is the rate the consumers’ needs are met the first time they call 
  • Call Service Level –is a percentage that measures how well customer service standards are met
  • Abandonment Rate – is the percentage of inbound phone calls abandoned before the caller connects to an agent 
  • Industry comparisons – how companies compare to one another in the same industry 
Measuring patient access success
Closing the gap

So, what strategies are you going to use to improve access? Consider starting by optimizing the systems, technology, and processes you already have in place.  

Dive deeper into understanding your contact center’s opportunities with an assessment.