Epic and MEDITECH Application Support Services

Improve productivity and performance.

Let’s accelerate healthcare operations with skilled application support.

How do you prioritize innovation, evolution, and growth when your IT resources are tied up in everyday requests? We can help. Tegria provides reliable multi-tiered support for Epic and MEDITECH applications to handle ongoing operational needs, so your internal teams can supercharge productivity and improve IT performance. Whether you need reliable Tier 1 and 2 support so internal teams can focus on high-priority projects, focused Tier 2 support from Epic or MEDITECH certified analysts, or an expert project or team leader, we can help you manage EHR support, contain costs, and focus on big-picture goals.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Support Center

Tegria manages Tier 1 support as a service, providing reliable, timely responses to provider, staff, and patient queries. Everyday IT needs like password resets, help desk support, intake management, and managing ticket queues are handled promptly, so your providers, patients, and staff always have answers and support at hand.

Tier 1 Support
  • 90% first contact resolution
  • 80% of calls answered in under 60 seconds
  • Improved patient, members, and staff experiences
  • More efficient care delivery
  • Improved analyst efficiency
  • Contained costs

Beyond the help desk, Tegria offers Tier 2 application support for elevated EHR service requests, break/fix incidents, and regular system updates. Centrally managed teams of Epic or MEDITECH certified analysts work to resolve issues quickly and close the loop, so internal teams aren’t pulled from time-sensitive projects or high-priority work.

Tier 2 Support
  • Increase efficiency nearly three-fold
  • Guaranteed support
  • Increased internal capacity for priority/project work
  • Further contained costs
Expert Epic and MEDITECH Consulting and Program Management

When you need skilled EHR project guidance or focused long-term program management as a service, Tegria’s expert Epic and MEDITECH analysts and consultants can manage complex programs and drive projects to completion across applications.

We offer:

  • 10+ years working with systems
  • Cross application expertise
  • Significant flexibility for project and program management
  • Expert resources know your organization well
  • Mentorship for your teams
  • Improved technology and experience

Ready to build a more flexible, responsive, skilled EHR support team?