Agile Transformation and Program Execution Services

Improve Efficiency and Drive Results

Successful Agile adoption provides a number of benefits, such as improving time-to-market speed and increasing employee engagement, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction. Adopting the Agile methodology and achieving the business benefits of Lean-Agile development require a shift in how organizations work, including changes in habit and culture.

Whether you are exploring transitioning to Agile on an enterprise level or you’re already an Agile organization looking for Agile certified consultants to optimize value delivery or support an individual initiative, Tegria has the expertise to help.

Agile Transformation

Transformative change is challenging, and you need a partner with expertise. Our knowledgeable team members have led a variety of complex Lean-Agile initiatives. We recognize that every organization is unique; that’s why we partner with you to understand your goals and assess your Agile maturity before collaborating with you on the development of a roadmap for execution and overall delivery.

Tegria has helped clients successfully transform to Agile through the following services:

Agile Readiness Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of operational and IT readiness for transition from an organization’s current state to Agile.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Development and execution of a customized strategy to transform your organization into a Lean-Agile environment.

Training and Coaching

Train, coach and mentor your executives, managers, leaders and scrum teams on the Lean-Agile concepts that serve as a foundation for adopting the practices that drive improvements in predictability, time-to-market, quality and productivity.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of your organization’s Agile transformation based on agreed-upon KPIs to improve transparency and visibility into execution and delivery.

Launching and Optimizing Agile

Identify value streams within the areas of an organization that are the most prepared for transition to Agile and provide hands on support in the formation and development of Agile teams. Establish a continuous improvement process designed to sustain and optimize the organization’s Agile maturity.

Agile Program Execution

Tegria supports teams already using Agile who want to optimize their processes or just need additional resources for a specific initiative.

We provide Agile coaching services for your product owners, scrum masters and other team members to ensure that they are maximizing performance to align with your overall business strategies.

We also have Agile-certified consultants who can fill various roles on your Agile projects, including:

  • Scrum masters
  • Product owners
  • SAFe program consultants
  • Release train engineers