Let’s elevate experiences with a detailed, data-driven map.​

Journey mapping is a powerful tool that combines user insights, skilled analytics, and strategic guidance to help healthcare organizations improve experiences, care delivery, and listening strategies.

Our Services Include:
User Experience Analysis 

We summarize current experiences generated through interviews, observation, and research.

User Representations To Guide Design

We leverage research to develop user characteristics, capturing major areas of overlap in user behavior, attitudes, motivations, pain points, and goals. 

Journey Maps and Recommendations

We provide a visualization of select user journeys tied to key access touchpoints with recommendations for sustained improvement.

Our Approach

Scoping, Discovery, and Insights  

  • Identify goals, objectives, deliverables. 
  • Review of Press Ganey tools and performance. 
  • Conduct 1:1 provider interviews. 
  • Create persona segmentations.

Hypothesis Mapping 

  • Host workshop to map out hypothetical experiences. 
  • Identify misconceptions and pain points.

Analysis, Reporting, and Map Design 

  • Analyze interviews using AI-assisted transcription and tagging. 
  • Identify themes and outline journey phases. 
  • Integrate feedback and align roadmap​ with other workstreams.
Journey Mapping Process



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