System Selection and Implementation Services

Preparing for Success

Strategic vendor selection and planning are essential when it comes to implementing a new IT system for your health plan. Tegria can help you identify the right solutions for your unique needs. We have developed a successful approach to both system selection and IT planning based on decades of implementations for a range of clients, including regional health plans, provider-owned health plans and large national payers. This efficient, proven methodology allows us to offer our clients a cost-effective solution and streamline the implementation planning process.

Objective Vendor Evaluation

Our consultants have deep experience with leading health IT systems, which allows us to remain vendor-neutral when guiding your organization in the system selection process. We start by helping you evaluate various vendors to determine which one best meets your needs.

Through our vendor evaluation services, we:

  • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment
  • Review your current state and gather system requirements
  • Develop a request for quotation (RFQ) to share with potential vendors
  • Provide vendor recommendations and facilitate the selection of your top 3-4 vendors
  • Rank vendors using our comparison matrix and analysis tools
  • Facilitate vendor demonstrations
Comprehensive Cost Estimate

Once you have narrowed down a selection of vendors, we provide a comprehensive cost estimate to help you make your final decision and begin planning for implementation.

To create this estimate, we:

  • Gather final offers from vendors
  • Deliver a vendor implementation estimation analysis
  • Populate and complete total implementation cost models (including vendor costs, third-party costs and internal costs)
Strategic Vendor Selection

After you have evaluated vendor options and budget estimates, our team works with you to select a vendor that meets your needs. We provide the following services to guide this process:

  • Contract negotiation support
  • Executive-level communications
  • Documentation justifying vendor decision

Have questions about vendor selection and planning?