System Reporting Training Services and Support

Let’s increase the adoption of real-time business intelligence tools 

When clinicians, staff, and operations have access to the right data at the right time, clinical and business outcomes improve and user satisfaction increases. Is a lack of awareness or adoption of real-time reporting tools impeding your ability to realize powerful clinical and business benefits? Are report backlogs causing frustration among clinicians and staff and overwhelming your analytics team? We can help. 

Train Your Teams  
  • Evaluate your current reporting training structure.  
  • Design custom training for different user groups.  
  • Deliver training content via your preferred format (in-person, virtual, or e-learning). 
  • Create support materials.  
Develop and Support Your Teams 
  • Upskill your staff for future reporting training needs. 
  • Deliver a reporting training roadmap for future success. 
  • Establish processes to support sustainable partnerships between IT, training, and operations. 
Create Sustainable Processes  
  • Increase confidence in reporting content. 
  • Shift behavior toward independent, self-service reporting. 
  • Establish high-level data governance. 
  • Develop the necessary teams and processes for ongoing success. 

We work with Epic tools and learning technologies such as: 

  • Cogito 
  • Reporting Workbench 
  • SlicerDicer 
  • Radar Dashboards 
  • Analytics Catalog 
  • Data Dictionary 
  • Digital learning platforms 

We’ve helped our customers achieve:  

Are you ready to help your organization realize powerful clinical and business benefits with a deeper understanding of your data?