Payer Analytics Services and Support

Improve Alignment, Integration, and Decisions

Tegria helps payers use data to improve operations and member service with powerful, payer-focused services backed by deep healthcare and technology experience. Let’s work together to combine advanced analytics, expert guidance, and breakthrough tools so your organization can use data to improve decisions, operations, and collaboration.

Advisory Consulting

We help payers use data to build stronger, more efficient organizations. Our consultants understand the importance of building robust payer and provider relationships and technology’s role in that process. From assessments and strategic planning to implementation and beyond, we help payers modernize systems and platforms or use existing technology more efficiently. By helping your organization gather, organize, and integrate data, offering insight on cloud technology and tools, and developing roadmaps, our consultants can help your organization achieve strategic imperatives.

Data Strategy and Planning

To create the right data architecture and get it off the ground quickly, Tegria’s team of analytic experts can help assess and plan your cloud systems, interoperability systems, and data standardization and normalization projects. Skilled strategic planning can help payers cut the learning curve, reduce user frustration, and improve data accuracy to instill confidence across your organization. Experienced mentors can help your organization program system workflows and optimize coding to share real-time data with provider partners.

Implement and Integrate Technology

Tegria’s data integration expertise can help health plans achieve seamless operations. Exchange data between systems, standardize inputs and outputs, and map data in a way that drives meaningful change in operations, workflows, and engagement. With comprehensive, data-driven insights, we can help your organization improve decisions, predict outcomes, allocate resources, and accelerate operations.

Analysis and Assessment

Advanced analytics methodologies can accelerate workflows, improve operations, and create better member and provider experiences. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, payers can increase the accuracy of diagnosis and reduce risk and utilization among populations. Tegria’s skilled project leaders assess data, identify gaps and trends, and provide recommendations to elevate data integrity, evaluate analytics maturity, drive risk adjustment optimization, and improve outcomes.

Grow engagement, alignment, and trust with robust, reliable data and analytics.