Interoperability: A Key to Improving Healthcare Operations, Efficiency, and Innovation

This not only reduces administrative burden for both sides, but also results in quicker access for patients to get the services they need.

STEPHANIE NGO Managing Director, Payer Provider Integration

Stephanie Ngo, Managing Director of Payer + Provider Integrated Solutions, joins Erica Spicer Mason with Becker’s Healthcare podcast to discuss interoperability and the collaborative initiatives payers and providers are taking to shape the future of healthcare. Stephanie highlights various examples of successful payer-provider collaborations, where joint efforts between payers and providers improve operations and outcomes—including one organization that reduced chart chasing by 90%.

Meet Our Expert

Stephanie Ngo is a Managing Director at Tegria. She uses decades of experience to help clients improve payer-provider collaboration, streamline population health and value-based care initiatives, and leverage interoperability as a strategic advantage.

Payers and providers need to help each other through data transparency and the sharing of insights to help everyone be successful and give members a great experience with outcomes to match.

STEPHANIE NGO Managing Director, Payer Provider Integration

Create a strategic advantage with interoperability.