Cloud Hosting and On-Premises Support Services

Improve efficiency and accelerate performance.

Let’s create a more flexible, efficient hosting solution.

Healthcare is evolving and healthcare data ever-expanding. Your hosting platform should evolve too. Whether you need to migrate data to the cloud while supporting a legacy system or you’re ready for a new public, private, or hybrid hosting solution, we can help. Our cloud services combine best-of-breed technology, decades of cloud hosting experience and best practices, and delivery expertise across a variety of target platforms to support your EHR and third-party systems.

We offer:

  • EHR and third-party expertise
  • 25+ years hosting experience
  • Tegria Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Public Cloud
  • Amazon AWS Public Cloud
  • Flexibility to meet your scale and needs
  • Operational and financial planning
  • Advisory services to help you find the right solution

Tegria’s Hosting and Infrastructure Services


Hosting and System Administration Services

Public Cloud Hosting – Scalable and Affordable

With decades of cloud hosting experience, we can help you select the right cloud platform and manage Infrastructure with the required technical expertise.

Private Cloud Hosting – High-Performance and Highly Flexible

For high-volume implementations that need more flexibility, the Tegria Cloud offers a high-performance solution customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. The Tegria Cloud provides greater flexibility with the scalability of public cloud hosting and a predictable operational cost model.

Hybrid Hosting – Customized Solutions

Mix and match between public and private cloud as well as on-premises hosting based on the needs of your applications and workloads. For example, your organization might host test/dev in the public cloud, production on-premises, and disaster recovery in a private cloud.

On-Premises Enterprise Operations and System Administration – Skilled Support When You Need It

Hosting your data on-site or planning to transition to the cloud while phasing out a legacy system? We provide remote technical expertise to administer systems that you host within your data centers, across EHRs and third-party applications.

We support:

  • All versions of MEDITECH and Epic
  • All MEDITECH and Epic approved hardware vendors
  • Epic ODB, ECSA, and Cogito administration
  • Interface Engine as a Service
  • Legacy system support
  • Data migration between hardware platforms, data centers, and cloud platforms
  • Systems surveillance and monitoring

Ready to elevate efficiency and accelerate performance with scalable, affordable cloud hosting and system administration?