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San Luis Valley Hospital 

  • Hospital type: Nonprofit, community health provider
  • Founded: 1927
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Two hospitals and five clinics in Colorado
  • Beds: 49

Dissatisfied with their electronic health record (EHR) technology, San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) decided to take action. Leadership knew they needed a more robust, integrated EHR to support their clinical and financial operations. Financial stability was a principal concern to SLVH, whose payer mix was comprised of 70% Medicare/Medicaid. SLVH considered a number of EHR solutions, but selected MEDITECH because it provided a single, highly credible, comprehensive, and integrated health record.

After choosing MEDITECH, SLVH began to research implementation vendors. They were looking for a vendor with hosting certifications and the ability to meet regulatory requirements. The vendor needed to have experienced certified technology staff, consulting and industry expertise, and a proven record of successful implementation.

In addition to seeing that those requirements were met, SLVH chose to work with Tegria because they were able to provide bundled hosting and consulting services and a large team of experts to implement the project successfully.

  • Faster turnaround times in the ER
  • Decreased wait times
  • Ability to see more patients
  • High reimbursement rates
  • Increased revenue/cash flow
  • Ability to finish projects faster

Tegria was able to provide a true partnership with SLVH during the implementation process. Through our open communication, quick response times, and industry expertise and knowledge, we were able to prioritize SLVH’s needs and help solve issues along the way.

By seeing the big picture, Tegria ensured nothing was missed, thus providing SLVH leadership with security, stability, confidence, and trust.

The team has had a monumental impact on our business regarding the knowledge they bring to the table. They’ve been so incredibly smart, and they’ve got so much experience working with other hospitals. They’ve provided us input and value beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Brian Heersink, IT Director


Through our broad industry knowledge and expertise, we were able to positively impact workflows, cross-functional business models, and financials at SLVH. By establishing essential financial and performance-based KPIs prior to implementation, SLVH was able to track and quantify performance as they progressed with MEDITECH.

After establishing a trusting partnership, SLVH was able to provide additional services with their EHR Archiving Solution to bring further stability and confidence after the MEDITECH transition.