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Background and Challenge

For more than 155 years, University Hospitals (UH) has been on a mission to heal, teach, and discover. As a renowned academic medical center and community hospital network, UH has expanded across Northeast Ohio to deliver what matters most to their patients: personalized, compassionate care; medical discoveries and breakthroughs; and high-quality, affordable care close to home.

UH wanted to modernize their clinical and revenue cycle platforms to provide a solution that was best for their patients, providers, staff, and bottom line. Switching EHR platforms is a major investment, so UH leadership sought understanding beyond the costs of the migration. Tegria was hired to help develop a business case that included a thorough analysis of the potential return on this major investment.


Tegria investigated UH’s current pain points, how they might be reduced, and the potential financial lift UH could expect from a new platform. The resulting business case included the cost of the system implementation and a return-on-investment model for 20 key performance indicators for UH’s operations, including:

  • Expected revenue gains from improved scheduling, fewer appointment cancellations, better referral completion, physician efficiency, and clinical revenue capture automation
  • Projected cost savings from fewer insurance denials, reduced bad debt, and fewer patient adverse drug reactions due to better record sharing
  • Improved margin from the transition to value-based care, population health and research
  • Non-financial benefits, including caregiver satisfaction, patient engagement, and integration of additional specialties into the EHR platform

Tegria’s business case made it clear to UH that moving to a new EHR platform was the right decision. Tegria delivered:

  • Analysis of the return on investment over a 10-year period following implementation of the new platform.
  • Validation that UH should recoup its investment in the new platform and see improved revenue and margin.
  • EHR migration roadmap for UH’s executive team and board members.

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