Tegria Partners With ServiceNow to Help Healthcare Create Better Experiences


By Chris Roepe, VP Technology Services

Today we’re announcing our new partnership with ServiceNow. Their cloud-based workflow automation platform is helping to accelerate digital transformation in a number of industries, from financial services to education to logistics. By streamlining daily tasks, the ServiceNow platform improves efficiency and creates a consistent experience for end-users.

ServiceNow is already used in many healthcare organizations. Widely regarded as a leading ticketing system, it forms the cornerstone of IT break-fix and enhancements throughout provider organizations. But many healthcare organizations are overlooking the value ServiceNow can bring to ongoing enterprise operations. We see great potential to help our healthcare customers unlock new levels of operational efficiency while improving experiences for clinicians and patients.

The unrelenting 24/7 demands of patient care and ever-increasing administrative workloads can make it difficult for healthcare to embrace innovation as quickly as other industries. When staff and resources are already stretched thin, improving operational efficiency seems like a lofty goal. Because both ServiceNow and Tegria know healthcare, its challenges, and its opportunities, we’re confident that we can help hospitals, clinics, and health systems reach and exceed this goal.

Imagine digitally guided workflows—much like the shopping and checkout experience on Amazon, or the approval of your online home mortgage—happening throughout the hospital.  ServiceNow allows organizations to custom curate applications in very short periods of time which can be used to guide the patient through their unique care journey. Creating a consistent, intuitive patient experience from first encounter through follow-up care and beyond can speed time to recovery, increase patient satisfaction, and even improve outcomes by keeping patients engaged and informed at every step.

Through this partnership with ServiceNow, we plan to help healthcare organizations accelerate innovation in new ways. We are dreaming of big things and the innovation potential is great. Tegria is proud to be leading the charge in this space, and looking forward to partnering with ServiceNow to help move healthcare forward. 

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