Our eLearning process has become more efficient and set me up for future success. Their guidance, support, and mentorship enabled us to accomplish numerous projects, conversions, and templates.

Senior Training and Optimization Analyst
Background and Challenge

A Midwestern academic center making a comprehensive push to become a leader in digital EHR training started small. The organization completed one rollout project using digital learning at a rural Community Connect partner, and since, used the knowledge and tools gained to expand its digital learning to EHR onboarding and training.




The organization realized they could improve training efficiency, bolster trainee engagement and retention, reduce cost, and increase provider satisfaction by implementing a comprehensive digital learning strategy across its EHR training program. They saw value in transitioning as the demand for flexible training opportunities, locations, and ongoing costs increased.

Producing A Lot of Lessons
Having selected Captivate for eLearning lessons and Powtoon for microlearning videos, the health system required support to employ these new tools. Tegria stepped up to help lead the development, production, and deployment of lessons, from Provider Fundamentals to role-specific lessons throughout the clinical and billing areas. During the 15-month engagement, our team created a total of 184 new lessons, 31 revised lessons, and 45 assessments.

Producing Quality Lessons, Quickly
Through collaborating with Tegria, they implemented a process that reduced the time to produce and launch a lesson. This process helped instructional designers decide on the ideal format (eLearning or microlearning) and understand the workload required for each lesson. The new templates also provided learners a consistent, branded experience.

Tegria worked with the health system’s training and optimization analysts to create a self-guided eLearning developer onboarding course. This course would teach new instructional designers and training team members how to create high quality, consistent lessons so the organization could maintain and expand its digital offerings over time.

Producing Fun, Effective Lessons That Are Accessible
During this project, digital learning increased both learner engagement and satisfaction. Incorporating gamification principles into eLearning lessons motivated learners to practice Epic workflows in a simulated format. The learners, many of whom were caring for patients or working remotely, appreciated asynchronous lessons and noticed the increased consistency across trainings.

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