By: Chris Wells, Director of Patient Access Support Services

Picture this – you’re sitting at your desk when inspiration strikes. You grab the nearest sticky note and start jotting down some amazing ideas to improve your contact center’s performance. But then you ask yourself: How do I know if these initiatives are going to move us in the right direction? How will I know if we’re successful? 

 You’re going to need more than a strong feeling to pack a powerful punch. 

That’s where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into play. These are your true signals of progress. Understanding which KPIs to track can be difficult, especially when there’s an abundance of data to measure. If you’re just getting started or taking another look at your patient access analytics, it helps to understand industry benchmarks.  

I will be partnering with Namz, director of ambulatory access at Orlando Health, to present Measuring Value in Your Access Center Using Data on Thursday, June 8th at the Healthcare Contact Center Times Conference.     

Specifically, we’ll cover:  

  • Why to trackwhy is it important to use data analytics in your center? 
  • What to track which KPIs are contributing to your performance? Which need your attention? What do executives want to see? Team members?  
  • How to trackhow can you present your data to highlight trends, gaps, and opportunities? What time periods to measure?  
  • How to tell data-driven stories how can you enable your people to make more informed decisions? How can you share useful data that tells a story?  

 Throughout the session, we’ll talk about Orlando Health’s data journey, look at a few dashboards, share lessons learned, and pack as much value as we can into our half hour together. We’ll also leave some time at the end for questions.  

If we don’t get to your question (or you think of one later), swing by Tegria’s booth (Booth #1) and we can continue the conversation. We hope to help demystify patient access analytics, so you can be confident you are measuring what matters. You can also check out our Smart Metrics to Use for Improving Patient Access to see industry benchmarks for common metrics to track. 

See you next week!