Case Study

Hosting, Migration, and Support Meet Data Security Challenges

  • Customer: Summit Medical Center
  • Challenge: Implement and provide long-term support for MEDITECH EHR with a focus on data security


  • Successful, accelerated data migration
  • Three months saved in initial build time
  • Recovery from malware attack with minimal downtime

Their knowledge sets them apart from the competition. But what makes them stand out is their ability to answer our calls, talk us through any issues, and stand by our side as a partner. I can’t recommend Tegria highly enough.

JEFF STOABSCIO, Summit Medical Center

Summit Medical Center (SMC), a physician-owned, 18-bed community hospital in Oklahoma, had outgrown its EHR technology. The facility’s tornado-prone location near Oklahoma City also posed an ongoing threat of natural disaster that could render their EHR system unusable. With server security as a top priority, SMC selected MEDITECH for their EHR system. They needed a certified infrastructure vendor to support the implementation, which had to be completed within one year. 


SMC partnered with Tegria to establish an externally hosted environment that would ensure server safety and stability during the EHR transition. Tegria hosted the new MEDITECH environment for the first 90 days of implementation. Then, over a single weekend, the team copied all of SMC’s server content to the new, on-premises environment. This effort saved SMC nearly three months on their initial build timeline. For the next 18 months, MEDITECH and Tegria provided backup support and ensured that SMC had access to their data at all times, despite storms and other interruptions. 
SMC leaders thought natural disasters were the biggest threat to their data security, but they were wrong. A few years after implementing MEDITECH, a malware attack took the EHR system offline, crippling all hospital servers. Tegria responded immediately with 24/7 support and had the servers running again within three days of the attack. A temporary environment Tegria hosted for SMC in the cloud provided access to critical health records during the rebuild. Post-attack, Summit’s leaders decided to move to full-time cloud hosting. Tegria now hosts Summit’s entire application suite in the Tegria cloud


Working together over several years, SMC and Tegria improved the small, community hospital’s EHR and preserved access to critical health records despite natural disasters and a malware attack. Highlights include: 

  • Successful, accelerated data migration 
  • Three months saved in initial build time
  • Recovery from malware attack with minimal downtime 

Is your EHR facing data security challenges? Tegria can help.