Case Study

MEDITECH Expanse Implementation Improves Stability and Alignment

  • Customer: Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center
  • Challenge: Set up on-premises hosting infrastructure and implement MEDITECH Expanse


  • Infrastructure build and EHR implementation completed under budget 
  • Seamless handoff with unhindered access for all users 

Tegria’s capabilities, subject matter expertise, and willingness to jump on a call at any time to solve a problem distinguishes them from others.

IT DirectorCobre Valley Regional Medical Center

The leadership team at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center (CVRMC), a small, community medical center in eastern Arizona, wanted to upgrade their EHR platform to MEDITECH Expanse to improve system mobility and integration. They sought a partner with an established relationship with MEDITECH to help create a strategic plan and provide all necessary support and consulting services. Moving to a fully mobile,web-based EHR would take CVRMC’s technical infrastructure to the next level and establish a long-term EHR solution. 


Tegria experts started the engagement working closely with CVRMC on hardware infrastructure build. The team then focused on setting realistic goals for the project and making plans to augment CVRMC’s in-house staff. Tegria focused on the primary team but also developed training for all staff. 

In addition to handling weekly MEDITECH calls, Tegria created a communication model that enabled all interested parties to communicate on-demand to address emergent concerns. This meeting framework accommodated team members in multiple time zones and avoided interrupting busy schedules. Tegria’s one-on-one approach with CVRMC team members saved time and trouble, delivering targeted key knowledge in focused, three-minute conversations.


CVRMC successfully completed infrastructure build and implementation of MEDITECH Expanse under budget, yielding available resources to reinvest into their community medical center. All CVRMC teams experienced a seamless handoff with unhindered access to the new EHR.

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