Case Study

Building Effective, Flexible EHR Learning Pathways With Amplifire

  • Customer: Healthcare system
  • Challenge: Implement a flexible, scalable Epic training model that reduces costs and classroom time


  • Eliminated classroom training and associated costs for approximately 80% of new hires
  • Reduced average time to complete training by 84.5%
  • 11,000+ instances of confidently held misinformation identified and remediated
  • 18,600+ instances of uncertainty identified and remediated

A healthcare system had been wanting a digital solution for Epic training for several years. Their existing training model required more than eight hours of instructor-led classroom training and lacked flexibility to accommodate new hires with previous Epic experience.

Reductions in staffing and the need to deliver virtual training during the pandemic ultimately pushed the system to tackle their training challenges. They wanted to effectively leverage technology to create a scalable training model, but their staff lacked the skills and bandwidth to transform in such a substantial way. They also wanted to make the change sustainable and permanent to reduce costs and promote productivity across all service areas.


To reduce classroom time and the amount of resources needed to onboard staff, the healthcare system decided to implement Amplifire, an adaptive learning platform that effectively targets the training experience for both new and experienced learners. Amplifire also captures insights into individualized knowledge gaps, struggles, and misinformation.

Tegria provided Amplifire-certified digital learning experts to develop, customize, and launch the new blended-learning and coaching program. The engagement also included Amplifire author training for the system’s Education Program Managers (EPMs) for long-term sustainability. Tegria experts guided eight EPMs through the Amplifire certification process in addition to design, production, and implementation. One EPM was mentored to become the Amplifire expert and take ownership of authoring and production processes for future courses.

Working together, Tegria experts and the EPMs developed Amplifire content that reflects the system’s Epic workflows and build, including realistic and targeted questions, answer choices, learning, and imagery. Collaboration with subject matter experts and informatics team members led to a strategic, updated approach to Epic training that defines specific learning paths and communication styles for individual learners. It includes self-guided exercises, customized Amplifire courses, digital content, and targeted coaching follow-ups. Amplifire’s reporting and analytics tools allow EPMs to identify and assist learners who need extra coaching.


The healthcare system’s digital learning transformation and Amplifire implementation eliminated classroom training (and associated costs) for approximately 80% of new hires. The flexible, on-demand, customized learning experience reduced training time for end users and trainers. With less content to maintain, EPMs can focus on coaching, remediating misinformation, and identifying areas in which individuals struggle with comprehension. With Amplifire:

  • Average time to complete training was reduced by 84.5%, which generates revenue by allowing more time for patient care.
  • More than 11,000 instances of confidently held misinformation were identified and remediated.
  • More than 18,600 instances of uncertainty were identified and remediated.
  • Reports and analytics are available at an individual learner level, which allows trainers to focus on learners who are struggling.

Is it time to streamline your Epic training?