MEDITECH Expanse is an intuitive, next-generation EHR platform that can improve outcomes across your entire organization. Once you decide to upgrade to Expanse, it’s time to create a plan to ensure your success. That’s where Tegria can help.

Our MEDITECH experts specialize in helping you ramp up for a smooth, successful implementation. We work with you to create a customized Expanse Success Plan (ESP) that includes the key financial, strategic, and operational considerations for success.  

Why do You Need an Expanse Success Plan?  

Upgrades are challenging. We’ve been there, and can help you avoid the problems that can stall progress, bust budgets, and derail projects—long before they might occur. A successful Go-Live requires executive buy-in, organizational alignment, and open, transparent internal communications. With ample preparation, you’ll have more time to identify and focus on workflows, communication, and goals, improving alignment and reducing project risks.  

Through our comprehensive Expanse Success Plan assessment, we help you identify and prioritize specific opportunities to address during the approval, budgeting, and preplanning phases of your Expanse migration to: 

  • Achieve Leadership Consensus and Buy-In 
  • Ensure Departmental Alignment 
  • Minimize Operational Disruption 
  • Eliminate Wasted Time and Resources 
  • Reduce Project Risks 

What Does an Expanse Success Plan Include? 

Tegria’s team of MEDITECH Expanse-experienced resources use the ESP methodology to provide a comprehensive strategic plan for the implementation of MEDITECH Expanse. We dig deep, listening to your unique challenges and drawing on our healthcare roots to create a customized plan that’s right for your precise situation. 

We will work with you to:  

  • Develop the Project Budget 
  • Assess Total Cost of Ownership  
  • Develop the Project Scope and Requirements  
  • Develop a Governance Model  
  • Identify Potential Challenges 
  • Assess Organizational Bandwidth 
  • Anticipate Gaps 
  • Achieve Executive and Board-Level Project Approval  

How Long Does This Take? 

The Expanse Success Plan assessment spans six weeks and is designed to provide you with a full understanding of the costs and effort associated with successfully implementing MEDITECH Expanse, including major decision points, guidance and perspective. The assessment delivers high value to your hospital to reduce the risks associated with a major system change.  

  • Week 1: Project Initiation and Document Review 
  • Week 2: Data Gathering and Interviews 
  • Week 3: Documentation and Analysis 
  • Week 4: Confirm Findings 
  • Week 5: Final Analysis and Plan Development 
  • Week 6: Presentation of Deliverables 

 Ready to create your organization’s Expanse Success Plan?