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Elevate Your Interoperability Journey Webinar

  • Date: October 11, 2023

Health Plan Alliance members are invited to learn how to transition from merely meeting regulatory compliance to leveraging interoperability solutions to create a strategic advantage.

Payer organizations have been largely content with being compliant with interoperability requirements. However, some payers are starting to go beyond compliance in targeted areas. This webinar will look at the evolving landscape of interoperability, from the changing regulations to the numerous vendor choices, and discuss how your organization should be looking beyond the rules and leading the pack to gain a strategic advantage for your organization. We will discuss how to make interoperability a part of your core business strategy and drive value for today and the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the evolving regulations and other industry forces that impact the interoperability landscape.
  • Leverage existing payer-provider relationships to improve data exchange and an enhanced clinical picture.
  • Incorporate interoperability into your core strategy to solve challenges and improve core competencies.
  • Discuss potential use cases to drive value.

Meet Your Tegria Presenter

Stephanie Ngo is a seasoned and adaptable healthcare professional, known for her multifaceted expertise in project management, performance enhancement, electronic health records, research, operational intricacies, and payer systems. Read more about her thoughts on interoperability in “Create a Strategic Advantage With Interoperability.”

Health Plan Alliance 

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