You're in the right place. Bluetree is becoming Tegria. Learn more about our story.

Team of Heart and Hustle

We’re innovators at heart who share an incredible purpose to humanize each healthcare experience. We bring bold ideas and breakthroughs to improve care, technology, revenue, and operations in ways that move organizations from patient-centered to human-centered. It’s no surprise that humans are the core of this vital work—talented people who welcome challenge and change, people who chase after goals, growth, and generosity.

We’re real. We’re nimble.

We believe in our mission to humanize healthcare.

Sound like you? Good. You’ll be in great company.

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This is Us

Our Roots

Founded by Providence, we’re a group of 3500+ Tegrians committed in our values, wired to serve, and intent on creating a compassionate healthcare ecosystem that enables everyone to feel human. We’re pioneering something powerful—and what unites us all is our belief that, together, we will make healthcare more human for people across the world.

Our Culture

A Culture of Belonging

When talented individuals of all backgrounds and experiences come together with a common goal, the impossible becomes possible. We understand diversity strengthens our workplace and our ability to serve our communities. We’re committed to equity, inclusion, and cultivating a culture of belonging. Our four key promises of continuous learning, building our teams, sharing our stories, and giving to our communities keep us focused on our commitments to each other.

United in Giving

Through service and partnership, we’re determined to give and contribute to causes that matter. We seek out opportunities to make a difference, aiming to leave the world in a better place than we found it. Our drive to give is intertwined with our commitment to community health and a culture of belonging.

We’re All for Perks and Benefits

One of the many ways we thank you for sharing your talent with us (and the world) is with our benefits package. We’ve carefully designed it to meet you wherever you are in your life and career. Here are a few highlights.

Our Values The Foundation
We Build On

Our values are the intrinsic drivers for every decision we make. They inspire our interactions with each other and with the world at large. Humanizing each healthcare experience begins here, in the day-to-day ways we show up for one another.

Be Real

Embracing whatever makes you YOU brings authenticity to every human encounter. We’re open. We’re honest. Our actions and words match. We build trust, respecting the dignity, worth, and well-being of each person—without exception.

Serve Intentionally

Giving our time and energy for the benefit of others is hard work. We’re willing. In fact, we’re wired to serve. We channel our collective talents, knowledge, and experience to deliver excellence alongside kindness.

Step In and Step Up

Achieving outcomes that elicit a WOW means welcoming challenge and change. We listen first. We ask hard questions. We grow, drawing on each other’s strengths and choosing to go all in.