Learning & Adoption


Help healthcare providers and care teams understand, adopt, and leverage technology via our world-class change management and education program.

Advancing Compassionate Care: Helping RML Accelerate Its Mission 


After serving the organization for over two decades, RML’s legacy electronic health record (EHR) system was ready for an overhaul. To help highly skilled care teams treat life-threatening conditions, RML needed a modern, nimble EHR capable of supporting advanced applications and strategic growth.  


Building a Modern EHR Training Program


With the lessons learned and success stories of virtual pandemic training, the time is right to leverage emerging learning technologies to advance your program into the modern age.

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Are You Ready for Your Next Mass Casualty Incident?

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Adaptive Learning in Amplifire


What is HCC Coding? Understanding Today’s Risk Adjustment Model


To understand HCC, you need a basic grasp of Risk Adjustment (RA) and vice versa. We’ll break it down for you here.

Health and Social Care Northern Ireland secures specialist support for largest ever digital transformation programme

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Gain Insight and Focus With a Patient Access Assessment


Our Patient Access Growth & Retention team is composed of builders, operators, clinicians, and implementers who can remotely assess a broad range of strategy, operations, digital health, and technology needs.

Customer Story

Coding Audits Compliance and Education with UnityPoint Health


We audited charts for physicians to provide education and increase first pass clean claims rates. The medical coding compliance audits enhance coding operations and revenue cycle performance.

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Are You Ready for Expanse? Building Your MEDITECH Expanse Success Plan


MEDITECH Expanse is an intuitive, next-generation EHR platform that can improve outcomes across your entire organization. Once you decide to upgrade to Expanse, it’s time to create a plan to ensure your success. That’s where Tegria can help.

Revenue Integrity & Coding


End-to-end revenue cycle management solution to help healthcare business offices and physician practices accelerate revenue and transform patient experiences.

Analytics & Insights


Use your data to inform your strategy, empower governance efforts, and drive improvement in your operating model.