Patient Access Growth & Retention

Attract and retain patients with omni-channel access powered by patient empowering tools and technology.

Patient-Friendly Statements: Quick and Easy Components to Increase Patient Payments

Clear, easy-to-read, well-designed statements increase the efficiency of receiving payments & improves the patient financial experience.

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Improving patient access creates better experiences for physicians and staff, too

How working with the right partner is helping to optimize workflows, improve technology, and remove barriers to patient access.

Patient Access, Growth, and Retention: Tegria’s Rodina Bizri-Baryak and Emily Tempels

Tegria executives discuss patient access and how healthcare leaders are responding.


The Foundation for Your Patient Acquisition and Access Strategy

Care Journey

Educate patients, streamline care pathways, enrich communications, and advance positive health outcomes with innovative tools, technology, and guidance.


Healthcare Can’t Go Backward When the Pandemic Ends

Pandemic-driven technologies have become the new normal for healthcare delivery.

Patient Access Growth & Retention 101: Fundamentals of a Scheduling Call Center

Virtual Care and Digital Health: Beyond COVID Response
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Advising Through a Crisis: Implementing Open and Direct Scheduling During a COVID-19 Surge