Tegria Generates Scale and Innovation for Navin Haffty

by John Haffty, CEO, Navin Haffty

Over the years, I had been approached many times by potential buyers interested in acquiring Navin Haffty. I always asked two questions: “How is this good for my clients?” and “How is this good for my staff?” The potential buyers would want to discuss what they would pay and how I would benefit financially, but no one could answer these questions to my satisfaction.

Then Tegria came along. They shared a vision of a mission-driven company that would focus on innovation and enable us to scale a complete range of services for our clients while investing in and creating opportunities for our staff. We are now past the six-month mark since we agreed to be acquired by Tegria. As I speak with clients and staff, I am encouraged that we have realized this intention.

Now well into our first year as a Tegria company, Navin Haffty remains highly responsive and flexible, and able to meet client needs without a lot of bureaucracy. As always, our management team is available to staff and clients and empowered to make decisions on the spot. I still answer my own phone and respond to email the same day. With Tegria, we bring a broader array of services to our clients, ensuring the quality and satisfaction our clients have come to expect from Navin Haffty, all while keeping a small company feel.

Here are a few messages I have received from our clients and staff:

Tegria provides a small town feel with big city amenities.

…Working with Engage and the Tegria leaders has brought about new ideas and creative strategies. It’s great to have multiple sister companies to work alongside…

The investments are a great sign about the longevity of the company.

While I’d like to share all the “better together” examples this acquisition has provided to our company and our employees, I’ll share one that stands out. A few months ago, we were contacted by Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a safety net hospital coordinating a local COVID-19 vaccination clinic for eligible residents of its county. Lawrence expected call volumes to expand six to seven-fold, far exceeding its internal capacity, and asked us to (very quickly) stand up a vaccination call center to provide scheduling and pre-registration assistance.

Because of Tegria and our close relationship with Engage, our sister company, we were able to provide a customized solution, including a high-performing bilingual team of resources, within two weeks of learning of the need. This is something a smaller company with limited resources simply couldn’t have done. With the assistance of Navin Haffty and Engage, the hospital is meeting the volume demands of its community.

Six months ago, I felt sure the acquisition by Tegria was the right choice. Today, I am even more convinced. I can confidently say I continue to be extremely pleased for our clients and our staff that Tegria has delivered on its promises.