This health system, located in the Pacific Northwest, includes a 300-plus medical center and four medical specialty buildings. With over 3,000 employees and 1,000 physicians, this comprehensive two-hospital health system is the largest in its area.


Client leadership set goals to work with a partner who could offer robust and secure technologies for their patient pay program and increase workflow efficiencies. We partnered with this customer to take a collaborative approach to patient pay and increase cash collection by offering more payment options through our platform, including mobile payments and a secure online payment portal. Another challenge faced was converting registration at each clinic to a new patient accounting system, which was an ongoing process.


Both organizations hold the patient experience and partner mindset at the forefront of every project. The transparent, communicative approach from the beginning of the engagement was a key factor to creating a successful engagement. The customer understood the importance of providing precise and accurate data during the sales process, and because of aggressive goals to offer the new technologies, the implementation timeline was on an accelerated schedule. Both organizations pushed resources to meet deadlines; through mutual accountability and clear expectations, the process went very well.

We brought in quality-assurance analysts and our implementation team along with client leadership for joint meetings as part of our implementation process. Our close working relationship allowed us to quickly make changes to any workflow deviations.


From the outset, we saw improvements towards the goals of increased efficiency and a better patient experience. Our team took on the initial placements of all hospital and physician patient pay accounts to provide exceptional customer service to each patient while meeting financial goals. Keeping it simple for the patients through technological payment options and access to knowledgeable representatives increased patient payments and created a seamless customer service transition.

The client understood the time commitment and importance of a thorough implementation and training process. Through transparency and accountability, we were able to achieve the following results together.

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