This team was a known entity to us and we felt their staff understood the nuances of our unique operations, challenges, and goals.

Randall Holom, FMDH CEO


Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital is a nonprofit community health provider that serves nearly 30,000 patients annually in Northeastern Montana and surrounding areas.


Building the future of care means working through daunting challenges. When Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital (FMDH) opted to upgrade their electronic health record (EHR) to MEDITECH Expanse, unforeseen problems threatened to stall the project. At a crossroads, FMDH leaders decided to change their implementation partner from a local company to Tegria, a trusted partner with strong MEDITECH expertise. We stepped in, bringing deep experience and fresh insights to break through complexity and take the project to completion.


Working alongside FMDH leaders and staff, we leaned into the challenge of implementing an upgraded EHR for a small, rural Critical Access Hospital without interrupting care or bogging down staff. Our all-in support helped deliver an EHR upgrade that supported exceptional care by improving not only technology, but clinical workflows and revenue cycle operations as well.


Throughout the project, we embraced the opportunity to learn more about FMDH’s entire organization. We asked hard questions and listened to their struggles, challenges, and daily frustrations with siloed, inefficient communication and processes. As we became more involved and invested in their ecosystem, we understood how each department was affected by decisions, which made it easier to identify and remove silos. Our implementation model provided FMDH access to an expansive team of talent and expertise plus a holistic approach that integrated consulting and support.

The success was a result of a true partnership. Our approach involved getting the right people in the right seats to help FMDH regain their project’s momentum and drive toward Go-Live with confidence. By bringing multiple experts to the engagement, FMDH was never stalled or bottlenecked—they quickly received the answers they needed to keep the project moving forward.


By persevering through challenges and addressing problems head-on, FMDH proudly hit every milestone and deadline. They took their new instance of MEDITECH Expanse live just four months after contracting with us.

With this EHR upgrade in place, FMDH quickly accelerated their revenue cycle. Our rapid, efficient process for migrating and streamlining claims data with MEDITECH Expanse meant FMDH could submit claims faster and with greater accuracy. We provided the team with the necessary knowledge, support, and confidence to operate smarter. As a result, FMDH had zero write-offs and no negative impacts on cash flow.

FMDH continues to enjoy partnering with Tegria. Our deep knowledge, quick and effective customer service, and willingness to jump in at any time to solve a problem makes us their preferred partner for integrating technology and accelerating revenue.

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