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Let’s Be Real

Healthcare is designed by and for humans with a common purpose: Improving lives. Yet there are real barriers, and often we wind up asking “Why is this so hard?” Regardless of who you are in healthcare—patient, provider, payer, clinician, IT support staff, billing specialist—you’re up against a complex system that has become unintentionally and remarkably un-human. That’s what we’re here to solve.

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Humanizing Healthcare Who We Are

Tegria sprung to life in 2020, uniting the best talent, experience, technology, and solutions in healthcare, and embracing a bold promise, to humanize each healthcare experience. Our values—Respect Every Person, Act with Integrity, Strive for Better, Embrace Change, and Deliver as a Team—advance what was tried-and-true among our legacy brands and honor our roots as a company founded by Providence. As a human-first partner, we fully embrace our own values on our way to deeply understanding yours.

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Healthcare Brings People Together

It enables connection, compassion, and worry-free, exceptional lives.

Over time, healthcare priorities shifted. Healthcare lost its human side.

By helping organizations reimagine healthcare delivery, we are putting people first.

Because when humans are treated with dignity, trust thrives. Relationships grow. And communities flourish.

We believe healthcare needs more humanity. Let’s build a compassionate healthcare ecosystem that enables everyone to feel human again.

Our Vision and Mission

We Envision

A compassionate healthcare ecosystem that enables everyone to feel human. That’s why we exist—to humanize healthcare.

We Value

Authenticity, service, and showing up ready to embrace challenge and change. We’re collaborative and honest, welcoming hard questions as catalysts for growth. We draw on one other’s strengths and choose to go all in.

Our Solutions

Working alongside providers and payers, we identify your organization’s unique needs and address them in a way that prioritizes your patients and members as humans, not numbers, so we can re-humanize healthcare together.